Not so ordinary Hong Kong stores

One of the nicest things about getting lost in a foreign city is finding quirky little stores hidden in little corners or on second floors of buildings in a spot you would have missed had you not looked up at the exact right time.

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Ngong Ping

I have a mild fear of heights. When I look over the balcony of a five-storey building the sky starts to spin, my head becomes lighter and I hear the caps of my knees tick. So when we took a 30-minute cable car ride up to Ngong Ping- Hong Kong’s second highest peak - you can imagine how much fun I had.

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Mint Museum of Toys

When I was 5, my father introduced me to Enid Blyton and her world of goblins, elves and toys that came alive. I was into the Grimm brothers then and the bright-eyed teens of Riverdale and Blyton was a welcome addition. Days were spent drawing scenes from the books or recreating them using my own toys.

One afternoon last month, us kids (at heart) made our way through a maze of strange alleys and found the MINT Museum, a building full of TOYS from the 1800's to the 1900's and it was there that I was taken back to that year with Enid Blyton and found myself face-to-face with Noddy, Golly and many other characters from my childhood.

MINT, also known as Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia with Toys, is a kid's dream come true - 5 storeys of vintage toys from all over the world! We relived our childhoods that afternoon - days spent with G.I. Joe, Tintin, Mickey, Donald, Popeye, Astro Boy, matchbox cars and the countless toys that kept us company many years ago.

We left the museum with wide grins. We felt like kids again.


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El Nido

I had long heard of El Nido, about how it is beautiful. I read all the tales in travel magazines... View Article

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The Old Quarter, Ha Noi

The Old Quarter in Hanoi must be what it feels like to live inside a hive. Along these narrow streets lined with hotels, houses, shops and restaurants runs the energetic stream of motorcycles and people – tourists, merchants and residents – in a pace that is constant and vibrant.

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We’re going backpacking :-)

We’re taking the entire studio (2 people :p) on the road and across the sea from February 7 to 19 and won’t be able to attend meetings or get-togethers but we can still be reached through e-mail. We’ll be posting photos and such along the way and you can join us in our little jaunt by logging in to

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