I am very happy to tell you that we got selected to be part of Luerzer’s Archive: 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide, a book published in Europe every two years and features work by some of today’s contemporary commercial illustrators. It is distributed in over 35 countries and was launched at this year’s Cannes Ad Fest. […]

We’ve been experimenting on a little animated/stop-motion film at Happy Garaje. This is the first few seconds of it. We’re still playing around with the story and hope to shoot more soon. In the meantime, this little newspaper boy is poking around the studio with Moko the monster 🙂

Leon Tigre

His name is Leon but people call him Leon Tigre and he is very strong. He once pulled up a full-grown water buffalo that fell into a dry well. Strapped rope around its legs and heaved it to safety, yes he did. My aunt, she tells me, he built a house on his own, a

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[nggallery id=8] Model: Ria Redulla Stylist: Vica Pineda Location: Talisay City Photographer: Johanna Velasco Click the links below to view more photos from the Urban Decay series: Urban Decay 1 Urban Decay 2 Urban Decay 3