On one corner of the studio we keep an assortment of old vintage and vintage-looking things: suitcases, books, toys and musical instruments. They look nice together and I think we get some ideas for our design projects from these things. We had some difficult times when I was younger and my mother supported our family […]

J illustrated and designed these Christmas cards for Cebu Holdings Inc. and Ayala Land. My friend Barry says that the best way to receive a Christmas card is the old fashioned way, through snail mail and I agree. The unsealing and opening of a printed, written and delivered message is an experience that everyone should have, at least once a year.

Visual Fusion

We dropped by SM Art Center and took a few photos of the opening of Visual Fusion, a group exhibit from various Cebuano artists.

December Book Hunt

We’re planning a two-week trip early next year and the first thing Johanna thought of buying was this book: Because, truly, how will you survive if the Zombies come? We also just added a Lonely planet manual in the event we get lost, the second worst thing that can happen to you, next to Zombie

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This was a poster I did for Tokyo Designers’ Week

We are starting a series of portraits of artists from around our community, from the old masters to the younger artists. They are painters, sculptors, photographers, writers, designers and musicians. Among them are our role models, teachers, friends, peers, and acquaintances – passionate people who have in one way or another pursued a life of art.

Fred and Marivel Galan, Painters