140, a collaborative film project

A few months ago we signed up to join a fun film project that was masterminded by Irish Filmmaker Frank W. Kelly called 140. Largely inspired by Twitter, a social media platform that lets you put out messages 140 characters at a time, the idea was to have 140 different filmmakers, each shooting 140 seconds of film that answered the question “What connects you to home?”.

The project is still in production now and Frank recently released an interview and posted it on Youtube (see below)

The journals shown at 3:42 are sketchbooks and journals that Johanna gave to me over Christmas. The closing scene of the interview which shows a swan dancing around a music box is something from Johanna’s childhood. Also seen are some lockets and letters we used to send to each other many years ago.

You can also read the paste magazine writeup about 140 here.