December Book Hunt

We’re planning a two-week trip early next year and the first thing Johanna thought of buying was this book:



Because, truly, how will you survive if the Zombies come?

We also just added a Lonely planet manual in the event we get lost, the second worst thing that can happen to you, next to Zombie attacks.


This one is an early Christmas present to J


And of course, some pocket reading (which I am guessing will be done long before we depart for Vietnam)


J has a very specific “have to read book list” and these two have been in there for some time now. The book by Ray Bradbury is “… set in a near future (or maybe the present) in which books are outlawed and condemned to burn along with the houses that contain them. A group of rebels have taken it upon themselves to preserve these books—by becoming them. Each of them memorizes a book in the hope that someday, the books can be consigned to paper and read once again.” (from Jessica Zafra)

If you were to memorize one book, which one would it be?