Inside HG: Vintage Corner

On one corner of the studio we keep an assortment of old vintage and vintage-looking things: suitcases, books, toys and musical instruments. They look nice together and I think we get some ideas for our design projects from these things.


Vintage Corner

We had some difficult times when I was younger and my mother supported our family by making and selling lamps among other things. J was really smitten by this tea canister lamp that we found in a small shop while we were shopping for gifts (for other people :p)


This is an old saxophone that we found in the basement of J’s house. A musician had left it with J’s father a long time ago. He never came to get it back.

Vintage Saxophone

An antique key pendant, one of the many trinkets from our little steampunk and whimsy gift shop.

Old Book and Key

Many years ago I wished I could write like Kafka.


“I wish I could fly away”, that’s what the pendant is called.

Book and Wing

“First Printing in America, August, 1927.”  Meanwhile by H.G. Wells.

Meanwhile by HG Wells, first printing

A pocket watch from the shop.


Oh these ones aren’t all old, there are some new books there from this month’s book shopping trip.  There is a little bookstore along Hernan Cortes called La Belle Aurore where you can find a few rare books.

Old Typewriter


So yeah, that’s our little old school corner and I think we’re going to keep on collecting some nice things and just keep stacking it up.

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  1. Hello Jo,

    tig-adtu-an pud d ai ka sa la belle aurore? Lingaw kaau didto noh?! lingaw pud kaau ang mga tag-iya…

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