The Calyx Centre

Soon to rise just a few meters away from our own studio is the Calyx Centre, the flagship project of Innoland Development Corporation. Designed by architectural firm Aidea Philippines (who are ranked among the top 100 architectural firms in the world – the only one in the country), Calyx Centre is a 26-storey organically designed, green, hybrid building in Asiatown I.T. park.

The condominium will boast of a number of really interesting green features. Solar panels will power common area lighting. Rain will be harvested and used to flush toilets and water the plants. Air wells will be found in each floor to allow natural cooling. 30% of the area will be green, there will be plants, shrubs, and trees in and around the 2,953 square meter lot.

We were commissioned to design marketing materials for the project. We designed print ads, brochures, flyers, invitations, billboards, a short cartoon and of course, our biggest illustrations to date: two murals with a combined size of 54 feet by 9 feet that can be seen inside the corporate sales office.

* * *

Here we are putting the murals up. You can see them in person by visiting the Innoland Sales office at the 15th floor of TGU Tower in Asiatown I.T. Park

The idea behind the illustrations was to create an atmosphere that told a story of a vibrant, green environment as it moves from morning to dusk to night.

Here’s a full view:

The artwork on these walls became precedent to the design work that followed. The brochures, for example, showed a night time illustration for the cover and a daytime-inspired design in the inside.

Two billboards were also put up on the site and followed the same night and day concept.

The flyers highlight the building features.

We used the mural illustrations for the print ads:

The invitations:

The design elements used here, like the leaves and texture, were hand-painted by Johanna.

And finally, we had a couple of days to create a really simple cartoon for the launch:


Art Direction: Tetta B. Baad / Happy Garaje
Illustration: Johanna Velasco & Mark Deutsch
Graphic Design: Johanna Velasco & Mark Deutsch
Identity Design: Cristina Cantos
Copy: Tetta B. Baad
Animation: Happy Garaje

Special thanks to Chai, Richie and Ryan