These beads are better with color and look a bit like candy. They hang next to this huge frame and this book that tells a tale about a Magic Flute. On the ledge not far away: the Vietnamese Horse met the Japanese Horse and they became friends. A Lost Cowboy wishes he had a horse, […]

Aren’t pop-ups wonderful? Not every book ┬ácan be one, but those that are, are really, really special. Remember the Little Prince? No one has seen him in a while. Oh, here’s Peter, off to Never Never Land! A New HG Fave

Jerry Manalili is art directing the latest issue of Front Runner magazine, the Philippines’ first magazine about running and he asked Johanna to illustrate one of the magazine’s stories. The article is about Rosario Velasco-Alberto (not related to Johanna) a multi-tasking mother and professional who started running eleven years ago at the age of forty

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