Ngong Ping

I have a mild fear of heights. When I look over the balcony of a five-storey building the sky starts to spin, my head becomes lighter and I hear the caps of my knees tick. So when we took a 30-minute cable car ride up to Ngong Ping- Hong Kong’s second highest peak – you can imagine how much fun I had.

But, I kept it together. I didn’t even pee on the way.

Johanna on the other hand was having a blast, clicking away and taking photos of the magnificent scenery. The scenery was beautiful, don’t get me wrong. See:

A long way down:

The cable cars stop over stations like this. (To change cables, I think?)

The courtyard at the peak’s entrance had restaurants and some nice shops.

Just in case you were wondering:

Where we really wanted to eat however was at the Po Lin Monastery.

Here you can pay for lunch that is cooked by the monks that live here. Meals stubs can be purchased for HK$60.

Ngong Ping also boasts the biggest seated buddha in the world:

We had to climb up 268 steps to the top:

There was a lot more to do up there – hike trails, bike paths, places to pray, a lot of places to eat and shop – but we were short on time and had to lift our way back down. We bid the generals adieu before we left.