Luerzer’s Archive and the People who pass our work around

I always get a kick out of getting our work published. It’s always a mix of disbelief and happiness. When I see our illustrations used in publications and magazines I buy several copies. Two automatically go to our biggest supporters: our mums and the rest to ogle and then keep in a black box.

When we heard from Luerzer’s that they had selected us to be in their latest illustrators book, we were really happy about it. On one part, it doesn’t change anything about the work that’s already been done – recognition doesn’t make it any better or worse – but in another sense it’s gratifying that people care enough to say, hey, good job.

Books help us get our work into places where we would never have reached on our own. The last couple of years we’ve been very fortunate to have met some wonderful people because publishers have been kind enough to print and distribute our work.

We’ve gotten mail from the west and from down under, from far-off countries like Serbia and places that we’ve never even heard of before. And they say, hey we saw your work in this and that, can you do this for me? Sometimes it’s just greetings and introductions.

Half the time they ask about Cebu, how they’ve never heard of this island before. They ask us what it’s like to be an artist in an island so small. Sometimes we get odd questions like, “Are Johanna Velasco and Mark Deutsch your real names? Or are they western-style pseudonyms?” We tell them the truth – that these are, indeed, our real names and, when it feels right, we tell them more about ourselves and in very special occasions some of them become our friends.

Thank you, Luerzers’ Archive and everyone who’s been kind enough to support our happy little studio.

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