ASEAN City of Culture

Cebu has been named ASEAN City of Culture for it’s outstanding Creative Industries. Last week, we were invited to be in an advert with some the great folks representing some of the many sectors of the creative community.

* * *

In the briefing room, Remton Siega-Zuasola (2010 Gawad Urian best director) starts asking everyone for their free schedules.

One of the Fashion brands representative replies, “We can do 8 PM.” And Remton’s assistant starts jotting this down.

Then Kenneth Cobonpue’s guy goes, “Kenneth can do 5 pm, Tuesday.” And Remton’s assistant starts jotting this down too.

Then Remton looks at us and he says,”How about you guys, when are you free?” And we say: “ANYTIME!!!”

Ha ha.

* * *

First time to meet Remton. He’s super nice!

Johanna on set. Six months pregnant. The baby got an early on-screen start :-p

Painter Manuel Pañares

Kenneth Cobonpue was in the set next to ours! I didn’t get a chance to meet him, was too awestruck. 😐

Ivan Zaldarriaga + team did some amazing things on set (think OK GO video). He’s making his zombie movie this year!

Graphic artist DanDan dropped by and said hello.

I hope I get to see Damgo ni Eleuteria

Architect Buck Sia

Sculptor Raymund Fernandez

Mighty Mar Go, Happy Garaje’s web dev go-to-guy

If I was a filmmaker I’d hop on that and take it round and round