Not so ordinary Hong Kong stores

One of the nicest things about getting lost in a foreign city is finding quirky stores hidden in little corners or on second floors of buildings in a spot you would have missed had you not looked up at the exact right time. This seems especially true in Hong Kong, one of the world’s most densely populated cities and also home to thousands of stores. During a recent visit, we came across a few that made us smile. They’re small shops with a lot of character:

Kubrick: Kowloon, Hong Kong

Kubrick was a store we had heard of through a travel blog and had searched for while walking the streets of Kowloon. It took us a bit of time to find the spot and I think we had come across it just when we were about to give up.

Kubrick is mostly a bookstore but they also have an interesting film club and library.

Some cool looking people hanging around

Homeless – Central, Hong Kong

We were in the middle of all the familiar brand name stores, the big Italian ones that had cemented their place in one of the busiest streets in Asia and by chance I had glanced up and there it was. Homeless, I thought, what a strange name for a store.

The shop is in a narrow building with an old staircase that goes up against walls textured by planks, pipes, posters and graffiti.

Robots and mugs go well together

Headless kings!

Homeless- Wun Ying Gallery

At the topmost floor is Wun Ying Gallery and is home to some art by Carrie Chau. We’re now big fans of her work!

Goods of Desire, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

G.O.D. or Goods of Desire is a lifestyle store with furniture, prints, appliances and some cool little things. They also have good coffee in the cafe.