In the past several months we have been doing some design work for the renowned luxury brand Raffles. The original Raffles hotel in Singapore is over 100 years old, first opening its doors in 1887!


Charlie Chaplain, Pablo Neruda, Ava Gardner and Rudyard Kipling have all, at one point, stayed at the Raffles. It is also where the famed drink Singapore Sling was invented.


If you google “raffles doorman” you’ll find thousands of photos of the current doorman from the original Raffles hotel. That’s because some say that he is the most photographed person in Singapore.


The symbol on the logo was designed by Peter Horridge and depicts a drawing of the Traveler’s Palm. The Traveler’s palm can be found in Africa, particularly Madagascar, and whose leaves are always said to rest in an east to west direction, thus serving as an informal compass. The tree also stores water and can come in handy to long-distance walkers :-p


Upon checking into any Raffles hotel or resort, guests are greeted by staff who each wears a Traveler’s Palm pin, to signify that they have found their way home. Raffles destinations include Beijing, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Makati, Seychelles, Makkah, Tianjin, Paris and Singapore.


We’ve been really fortunate to have had the chance to work with such a storied brand. The Happy Garaje design team has been creating ads and marketing collateral for Raffles Residences Makati and Raffles Estates Praslin.


We’re renovating the studio to add a little more workspace. Making furniture is actually quite fun. You make stupid noob mistakes like having tables with legs that are too skinny but it’s all good.

Caresharing is a company that specializes in creating software that helps thousands of people in the Netherlands keep track of information that pertains to their health. We worked with them for a few months to create some graphics and illustrations that they could use for their website and print materials.

We went through a lot of studies and in the end we decided that we wanted to portray images of, to put it as simple as possible, a happy and healthy life. 😀

Caresharing was founded in Amsterdam and we thought it would be nice to make illustrations inspired by such a beautiful city.

They work with hospitals, clinics, doctors and patients to make sure everyone gets important healthcare data and information. We made some diagrams to illustrate this relationship.

The company has two offices, one in Amsterdam and another in Cebu.


The awesome Mar Anthony Go implemented the designs for the website and also customized their posterous blog.

We made some postcards and a new business card design: