This year little Summer Deutsch came along and the studio (which is also part of our home) wasn’t quite baby-friendly. We thought it was a good reason to tidy up and fix our place a bit.

This used to be our work area and in its place we put together the baby’s room. A friend of ours gifted us with an awesome wooden crib.

Teddies are good because they’re furry and friendly.

Meanwhile, we moved our workstations into the other half of our place. This is like command centre right here.

Jo designed this drawing counter with a lot of drawers (like the old library card cabinets). The carpenter and the furniture painter had a bit of a squabble while they were putting this together.  The drawers couldn’t be interchanged because they would fit only in the holes where they were cut off from so the carpenter numbered each drawer in order. The painter had not known this and sprayed over all the drawers, thus erasing the numbers. They spent about two hours figuring out which drawer fit into where. There were heated words exchanged and I told them it didn’t matter if they didn’t fit perfectly. But apparently carpenters and furniture painters go crazy over gaping drawers. In the end, after we had all figured out which went into where, we went out and bought hot pandesal and soda. Hot pandesal and soda for the win.

Those are a lot of drawers and each one is filled with all the small things.

Vintage Penguin book covers mounted on the wall.

A lot of the shelves are still bare. We have plans for them but haven’t had the time yet.

Some of the things here we found in flea markets, from travels and our basement. 😛

Ninjas guard the trophy shelf.

We found these cages in the bird market of Hong Kong. Jo painted them bronze.

We’ve accumulated so many books and toys over the years and it’s quite a nice feeling to see them all stacked up.

A lot of decisions have been made using the Magic 8 ball.

Not a very good chess player but I like playing the game.

Yeah, that’s the King out before everyone else. Told you.

When we first started we had no money to rent out an office. Jo’s dad offered to let us use the garage to start things off and follow our dreams. In the last four years we’ve had our share of working all-nighters, easy days of hanging out with books and music and heading out with our backpacks to see the world. Some of our greatest adventures began right here.