Society of Illustrators, Certificates of Merit

So stoked that Johanna and I got certificates of Merit from the Society of Illustrators (L.A.) this year. We submitted as individual artists (instead of Happy Garaje) and this instance marks the first time that both of us get the award in the same year.

I got accepted in the Entertainment category for the “P” promotional movie poster and Johanna, as in the past three occasions , got accepted in the Gallery category. A sweet bonus is that we get invited to the annual SI-LA exhibit which opens on March 8, 2013 in Gallery Nucleus, California.

The “P” Poster

I had a conversation with Remton and Beverly about doing a poster for their upcoming movie “P” – a biopic about Pedro Calungsod. The original idea was actually a bit different from the final above. At first we had talked about making something with a portrait and drawing it at an angle where it looked like the letter “P”. Towards the end of our talk that afternoon, Remton told me the story about how the martyrs died – speared and thrown into the ocean. I immediately had visions of the scene, I thought of how the bodies might have crashed into the sea and flowed down to the abyss. I couldn’t get that image off my head.


Getting ready for Gallery Nucleus send-off!

Jo’s 2013 piece. A short clip of the night this was made can be seen here.


In 2010, Johanna won her first Certificate of Merit for “Secrets”.

Johanna won Gold in 2011. I remember jumping out of my seat when I read the e-mail about it. 😀

I wrote this on this blog that day:

“I like making lists. Dream projects, ports to visit, countries to go to, people we’d like to meet, bands to see, things like that. I also keep one called the Improbables and on this list are things like flying and winning a Gold from the Society of Illustrators. Well, I just crossed the latter out for us. Johanna got a Gold award this year for her piece Dance, Dance, Dance.

Now to find us two pairs of wings.”


[photos of the 2011 exhibit below were taken from the Gallery Nucleus website]







(If anyone happens to be there and has the opportunity to take a photo, we’d appreciate it so much if we could get a copy.  🙂 )

Cheers all!

Mark D.