The Storied Chefs of Feria #1: The Gifted Boy Cook and His Journey Across the World

We’re excited to be able to tell the stories of five culinary artists that have made their way from the corners of the world to share their craft with the people of Cebu City. Feria, Radisson Blu’s signature restaurant is relaunching on the 25th of October featuring new additions to cuisine, equipment, and most interesting of all, the introduction of new chefs. When we heard about the wonderful life-long journeys that these talented chefs had taken – a lot of which revolved around secret family recipes, toiling in kitchens to master their craft and globetrotting adventures – we thought that it would be great to herald their stories.

There are stories like the one of Frederic Cyr, who learned to cook at age twelve from his legendary father Renaud (famous for taking Canadian cooking to new heights) who in turn left his home in Quebec and travelled around the world to cook in 6-star cruises and 5-star hotels. Or like the story of Chef Allan, who comes from a wonderful family of pastry chefs – his father a renowned maestro from Cavite and his four brothers- who are all pastry chefs! (imagine what they must have talked about on the dinner table)

We decided to write stories based on their experiences and illustrate scenes of their lives and use them in materials. We’re calling Allan’s story, for example, the Tale of Five Brothers (reminiscent of the old oriental tale) or Frederic as The Gifted Boy Cook who journeys around the world. It’s going to be an ongoing series of ads for print and web, so watch out for them and let us know what you think.

If you have been a fan of Feria, you most definitely should be thrilled about this. If you have never been, everything goes on full swing beginning October 25, and you should make plans to go there with your loved ones. Bon Appétit!


Young Frederic learned to cook in his famed father Renaud Cyr’s kitchen at age twelve. There he discovered the fine art of delicious cooking – the magical combination of color, spice, and the love of your craft.

From his home in Quebec, he would set out on a culinary journey that would take him across oceans and continents, making good food at every stop. Inspired by his father’s work, he would prepare dishes for people of all shapes and sizes, making meals that would uplift even the weariest of souls.

Today, the gifted boy cook has come a long, long way and finds himself as Executive Chef of Cebu’s landmark restaurant, Feria.

Creative Direction, Art, Design, Copy: Happy Garaje