The Abaca Baking Company (ABC) Murals and Hand-painted Clipboards

Remember that bakeshop where we were doing some chalk art on? Well we ended up drawing all over the place. They asked us back to draw on the ceilings and posts and little corners. We erased a lot of the chalk art and just painted them over with paint.

The new place is called the Abaca Baking Company (ABC) and its owned by the Abaca Group – the same owners as the Abaca Restaurant in Mactan as well as a few other restaurants in the city – Maya, Phat Pho, Tavolata, and Beqaa (and etcetera)

The most challenging part about this job was painting at midnight, getting hungry and smelling all the fresh bread from the kitchen. I promise I did not swipe any of the bread. <3

When we were done with that, we also signed up to paint on a number of clipboards (they’ll use them as menus). We initially had 20 but we asked for 6 more because 26 makes an alphabet. That way we could paint over and do the ABCs of the Abaca Baking Company (ABC). C’mon, that makes sense right? They agreed to let us do it. No real directions (restrictions), which made it a whole lot more fun. Just paint anything:

clipboards We’ll be Home Soon. Acrylic and Color Pencils on Clipboard (9×15 inches)

Here’s an IG post with some thoughts on the process

Also, a lot of our friends have been asking us the most important question of all, how is the bread? Dude, the bread is worth the dough!

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