Studio Project: A Mysterious Golden Whale


I have been wanting to make this particular story into a short for a long time now (whose plot I will not divulge to you until the proper time, of course) and I have decided that this is the summer to get things rolling. I have written the story and cut them up into parts and are now represented by 17 post-its stuck on the studio wall.

All the usual suspects are part of the project of course – Me, Johanna, Ryan, Darius, Gilbert, and Carlo. The image up top is one of the first character sketches as well as the initial design for the puppets.

Yes, it will most probably be in stop-motion. I am sure it will be animated. We’re attempting to make the armatures ourselves – although I am aware that there are available ones for sale on the net: here, here, and here for example.

We did some prototype studies today with very little success, the wood we got was too soft and split up too easily. Later today (as it is half past one in the morning), we will try to find other kinds of wood and see if it behaves better.



Ryan is designing some of the characters for the short and the one here is the first draft. We have talked about redoing the face, as he looks far too kind. Our main actor is kind of a fool 🙂