YIP, 4 weeks down with Anne Amores

Exercise #1
Draw the year 2015
“2015 is the year I graduated from college, and with this came a lot of introspection and figuring out who I am. The portals signify the different paths of life I have yet to take & the ones I still have to find or choose from.”

Exercise #2
Illustrate the story Keep Cooking with Love by Patskie Abing
illustrationExercise 3
+ Make a portrait of your favorite film director (Michel Gondry).
+ Add at least one new color to your usual palette.

a. study #1michelgondry
b. use photoshop to explore different color studies of a scanned image

c. adjust contrast of scanned images in photoshop (final piece on the right):

Exercise 4

+ Draw a musician of your choice as one of their songs (ie. Radiohead as Creep, Madonna as Like a Virgin :p ).
+ The piece must be drawn where we can have a full body view (as opposed to the bust/portraits)

“It’s my take on the song “Despair Came Knocking” by Daniel Johnston. He’s one of my heroes & I think he’s a genius in his own right. I chose this particular song because it’s odd and unique, and it perfectly captures the feeling it sets out to communicate, which I’m also hoping to achieve with this illustration.”

a. Study #1
b. Exploration of points of view: ant’s eye view


“I think this might be the first time i tried an ant’s eye view. “

Distortion and point of view.

“I upped the contrast in PS so the colors are much more saturated than my usual pastels. I drew him as his younger self & pretty much kept the rest of the other elements (the drawings on the wall are references to Daniel’s own drawings, he has quite a lot of them, they’re pretty interesting). :-)”


YIP is a series of paid illustration-focused exercises and activities that aims to provide a venue to pass on some (hopefully helpful) knowledge in professional creative life – ideation, execution, style explorations, communication and other vital things like marketing one’s self 🙂