Art Attack II

We got called up to do more work for Disney. This time to art-direct six webisodes of Art Attack. I can’t tell you too much about it at this point but I can share some behind the scenes photos here:ig-hg-2 2

That’s Marco the host of the show who is super funny and a good artist himself. Jo in the back is just trying to stay awake, having been up for more than 24 hours at this point 😂.

ig-hgJo going through all the compositions with the director Dave, before the cam rolls, making sure each frame looks spiffy.

ig-hg-3 2

Yna hustling on the set, she now understands the feeling you get from hearing the dreaded words from the director screaming: ART DEPT!!!

The guy in the back is Kyle, Yna’s brother (it’s a family affair).

ig-hg-4 copy

Each frame is strictly checked by an exec. Most challenging part: use gradeschool materials only. What, no fibreglass?!

It has been a lot of sleepless prep nights and two hectic shoot days. We’re really thankful for opportunities like this and has been real fun working with all the great people from the production team.