The Abaca Group, one of the most respected restaurant groups  in Cebu City asked us to do  work for the launch of the Abaca Baking Company. They wanted their new bakery to deliver a fresh message that said they were a place for everyone in the neighborhood to get good, honest food.


Our approach was to create a collection of things that we hoped made people feel a sense of warmth and wonder.

The clipboard menus for example were all done by hand – much like all of the food in the bakery. We thought it would great to make a series of artworks where each one was inspired by a letter of the alphabet. The A-B-Cs of the ABC.


All of the art and the stories  spilling out onto everything ABC.


Fantasy-themed, hand-painted panels at the Banawa branch following the A-B-C idea. Here seen from left to right: apple, beanstalk, crow, dandelion, elf, feathers, goats, and hood!

The stories blossoming out of the chairs.


“…there’s  hand-painted art on the walls and the menu clipboards courtesy of Happy Garaje, a creative studio based in Lahug co-founded by couple Mark and Johanna Deutsch… Next to the food, their work has become the unforeseen star of ABC.” – Philippine Daily Inquirer


” So far as the look of the Abaca Baking Company goes, The Abaca Group connoisseurs will notice that the bakery is a bit of a departure from all The Abaca Group establishments that came before it. Sure, there is the same Abaca Group formula of warm wood and sexy lighting, but there is an injection of color and whimsy through playful murals and clipboards hand-painted by local design studio, Happy Garaje. With the Abaca Baking Company, it’s as if The Abaca Group has decided to be a kid again. “ – Cebu Daily News 

If the visitors of the bakery saw the art and the graphics and  it made them pause to think of the summer, or fairytales or the warmth of an old friendship – even just for a second- then we have done okay, and hopefully it has added to the charm of the bakery. (Of course, the always great food makes the bakeshop memorable too :-))

Heralded by the people 🙂 People in the city started posting photos of the art and hashtagging them and it’s not everytime that creative work gets appreciated, so this was nice.

More of #abacabakingcompany on instagram 🙂