Happy Garaje are artists and award-winning designers from the island of Cebu, Philippines. Happy Garaje is inspired by the islands and the world around it, by everyday people: fears, hopes and the things that we love.

Stories Everywhere: a selection of recent and favorite work.

Happy Garaje for Uniqlo

“Exploring islands across the seas, our waters become starry threads that connect us. We travel to places that are unfamiliar and turn strangers into friends. We revisit the familiar to see these places in a new light. To travel is to discover what makes us unique and alike, igniting a spark of imagination.” – Dang Sering

Happy Garaje for Pixar & Disney Asia

Production design work for Pixar and Disney Asia, which included production design for 6 episodes of Art Attack and a music video to promote the Oscar-winning film Coco.

The ABCs of the Abaca Baking Company

The Abaca Group, one of the most respected restaurant groups in Cebu City asked us to do work for the launch of the Abaca Baking Company. They wanted their new bakery to deliver a fresh message that said they were a place for everyone in the neighborhood to get good, honest food.


A series of sculptures called airplanes, dedicated to the spirit of play and friendship.

Toy Portraits

Hand-carved, hand-painted toy versions of yourself.

The Legend of the Red Lizard

The greatest, baddest, most magnificent luchador of all time. Also a taqueria 😀

Kalipay and the Tiniest TikTik

This is about a girl who meets a new friend, where the new friend turns out to be a manananggal! While most times, it’s always bad when your new friends turn out to be monsters, this story ends well. No kids get eaten, promise! (TBH: A wonderful story about friendship and being different by Christina Newhard, illustrated by Happy Garaje. One of our all-time fave projects)

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