Calyx Centre

[one_third first]
Solar panels will power common area lighting.



Rain will be harvested and used to flush toilets and water plants


[one_third]Air wells will be found in each floor to allow natural cooling


We were commissioned to design marketing materials for the project. We did print ads, brochures, flyers, invitations, billboards, a short cartoon and our biggest illustrations to date: two murals with a combined size of 54 feet by 9 feet that can be seen inside the corporate sales office.

The idea behind the illustrations was to create an atmosphere that told a story of a vibrant, green environment as it moves from morning to dusk to night. The artwork on these walls became precedent to the design work that followed. The brochures, for example, showed a night time illustration for the cover and a daytime-inspired design in the inside.

And finally, we had a couple of days to create a really simple cartoon for the launch:


Creative Direction: Tetta B. Baad
Art Direction: Happy Garaje
Illustration: Johanna Velasco Deutsch & Mark Deutsch
Graphic Design: Johanna Velasco Deutsch & Mark Deutsch
Identity Design: Cristina Cantos
Copy: Tetta B. Baad
Animation: Happy Garaje
Special thanks to Chai, Richie of Papers and Tschai and Ryan of Red Tag Printing

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