Sneak peek: Disney things HG Elsewhere: Nice of Commarts to send Jo a trophy; the latest illustration annual is now available through Funeral for a Prince is up on Medium Cheers 🙂

Kapehan Ceferina

Our friends Paolo and Jean opened up a cozy little specialty coffee shop in Cabancalan, which is great for Cabancalan and for people like us who love coffee. That’s them. That’s the door sign from the inside of the shop. This is how you get there:


Have you ever been on a vacation and it seems like your worries are on the trip with you? You can travel to a faraway land and have days filled with thoughts about work or things that need to be done – doctors’ checkups, tuition fees, payroll, the bills. But then there are moments during

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The beautiful people from Zee Magazine were here today for a photo shoot. The last time Jo wore this amount of makeup was on our wedding day. And maybe halloween. 🙂