Hello. I have just returned from Biliran where I represented the studio to do some production design work for the Cinema One Originals entry: ‘Ms. Bulalacao’ by award-winning director Ara Chawdhury. The experience was an interesting insight into the whole Philippine independent filmmaking scenario. Firstly, what I can say is our up-and-coming filmmakers – whether

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We’re moving through week three of working with Marc Abuan and Ces and here’s what we’ve been up to: 1. We’ve been playing our own version of the collaborative art game Exquisite Corpse. The original version works like this: three artists take turns drawing on sheet of paper. One draws a head, a second artist continues

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Our first ever studio interns started today. We’ve actually known Ces and Marc for some time now as they are very active in the community and are both very talented young artists. Johanna had this idea to make internship kits for them. The contents are as follows:   For Ces 1 Accordion Journal (together with a challenge to

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