The Studio in Cebu

Happy Garaje events and public engagements in Cebu City and nearby.


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Fortuna Circuit: Tropical Escapism

“Tropical Escapism”, 856G & Tropical Futures Institute’s third annual survey show, looks into tropical typologies that have emerged, in particular the idea of the tropics as an escape versus escaping the tropics, moving beyond a dialogue and into multilateralism.



Spark Fest is the annual community conference hosted by The Spark Project. It’s the only conference that brings together under one roof people from the world of startups, social good, and creative capital. It’s a space for inspired learning and meaningful interaction with creative founders, thought leaders, and fellow entrepreneurs. Attendees leave the conference not only inspired but ready to take their creative ventures to the next level.


StoryTellers’ Night #8

A gathering where people can share personal stories to a small group of friends – old and new. A theme is given for each gathering, and the storyteller is given up to 10 minutes to tell of his experience. The results have been various degrees of poignant and funny.


Community Activities