Coco Music Video, Production Design Work

A music video for the movie Coco. Directed by Dave McVeigh (and shot in Fort San Pedro for Disney Asia and Pixar. We did production design and art direction work – designed all the sets and built props for the Southeast Asia promotional music video of this Academy Award winning film.

The most tedious part of the shoot was cutting up thousands of papel picados by hand. We only had less than a week to make all the props so we had to get help from many friends – we couldn’t tell most of them why they were spending hours cutting up colored pieces of paper and they eventually came up with their own conclusions like it being for a town fiesta or an overly elaborate birthday. 

Rooms full of paper.

The orange Marigolds were essential to the story but we couldn’t find the exact color locally so we made every flower with paper.

The music video was shot in Fort San Pedro. The production got a permit to shoot in the place for a day. We made these wooden signs with scenes from the movie in papel picado style laser-cut at University of the Philippines Cebu Fabrication Lab.

Here’s the art department for this project (left – right): Ernest Dino (Art director), Karl Lucente, Kyle Cuizon, Apple Olitres, Karina Cuizon (Propmaster), Johanna + Mark (Production Designers & Art Directors) and Darius – who likes standing on benches. Also, not seen in this photo, Justine Bacareza and Katrena Malicay – who was the BTS photographer.

Dave (creative director AKA the boss) making last minute prop fixes with Ernest. That’s Annie at the back who is from Disney in Singapore – such a joy to work with.

We made our version of the ofrenda. We made some objects and aged them to make memorabilia, we made make-believe vinyl album covers, and used old photos and tried to recreate the scene from the animated movie.

Kerwin Go: DOP (left)

Nearing the end of the shoot. We setup on several spots in the fort and there were (as always in PD) last minute changes and running around with heavy things and fragile objects.

We don’t get to do a lot of production design work but it’s always fun and rewarding in the end when we do, specially when you get to work with great people who are talented and you get to learn a lot. Of course, it’s also nice to do a project for Disney and Pixar. When we started the studio we always said we’d do work for Nike, Time Magazine and yeah, Disney and then we’d laugh right after because it really just seemed impossible but here we are. We’ll remember these kinds of projects until we are old.