We ❤️ Illustration

The studio was co-founded by illustrators, who have won almost every major professional award in illustration including the Gold from the Society of Illustrators, the Certificate of Merit from Communication Arts as well as being cited in Luerzer's 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide from 2009-2012, among many other accolades. In the early days of the studio the bills were paid by drawings. Needless to say, we heart illustration.

Most of the designers that work in Happy Garaje are illustrators as well. Image making is an important ingredient to our work. The illustrations produced are either done by a single artist, or as a collaborative effort producing a myriad of styles that fit the purpose.

[lgc_column grid="50" tablet_grid="50" mobile_grid="50" last="false"]Johanna VelascoSociety of Illustrators Gold Award-winning illustrator. Dreamy, evocative and painterly style.


[lgc_column grid="50" tablet_grid="50" mobile_grid="50" last="true"]Superdorkboy
Selected to Luerzer's Archive 200 Best Illustrators 2009-2012. Bold, graphical style.


[lgc_column grid="50" tablet_grid="50" mobile_grid="50" last="false"]
Karina Marga Cuizon

Picture book author and illustrator. Playful and whimsical style.