Leaders, Company Culture and Representing a Brand Through Colors

Caresharing Inc.
Leaders, Company Culture and Representing a Brand Through Colors

We started working with Caresharing, Inc. in 2011. We had met with one of the principals, Tijs Rietjens who tasked us to develop some graphic art and illustrations to represent their company.

Caresharing makes healthcare applications in key cities in the Netherlands. They make sure that all key people involved get the data that they need to make the decisions that they need to take – this does not only mean doctors and medical personnel but patients themselves and the people closest to them.

We were surprised to find out that electronic healthcare applications was somewhat of a brand new way of doing things in the medical field over there. As such, Tijs wanted the brand to be introduced as a reliable and fresh new player – the software would be kick ass and the graphics sunny and full of life.

During our initial meetings we also spent a good number of hours in the office and what we noticed was that this was a very nice place to work in. People didn’t need to time-in or time-out, everyone was their own manager and there was always free food in the pantry (buffet lunch included). Employees got free perks like quarterly sports allowances to buy equipment of pay for gym membership, or get movie passes every time a blockbuster showed, among many other things.

At Caresharing people can just call in sick and management trusted them enough to let them rest at home instead of requiring them to go out and secure a medical certificate – as is the case in most Cebu-based BPOs.

We got to work with Caresharing CEO Mark John Buenconsejo who at that time was practicing something called 80/20 – which meant employees could spend 80% of their time working on company-related work and 20% doing self-initiated projects. Employees could form into groups, do a hackathon, make new applications and release them out into the world. If it was mutually beneficial to all parties, Caresharing would even offer to fund these projects.

We were fascinated by the way this work ecosystem was working. For years we hear people who set up companies and immediately they needed to instill a strict, ultra-regulated workplace where every employee action should be tracked (even explained).

Creating Art

In the beginning we were trying out various forms and styles that we wanted to make use for the graphics but then the real breakthrough arrived when Johanna started creating a color palette. We talked about it and considered everything we had seen and heard from being around this organization. What we really wanted to say was: This is Caresharing. It feels like an easy walk on a happy day.

Here are some of our favorites:

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