Disney Art Attack

We were brought in by director Dave Mcveigh to work as art directors for a Disney Asia spot for Art Attack. We’ve always wanted to work with Disney. The spot won a silver for the Children’s campaign category at Promax Asia. We also subsequently got hired to be production designers for 6 episodes of the show, here


We designed and built some of the props for the set. Above is a a cloud used for a stop-motion animation segment.

disney birdhouses

We built a bird house wall. This is where all the Disney birds go when they go to sleep.



We got to work with Production Designer Kaloy Uypuanco (thank you!) and Director Dave McVeigh (thank you!). 


Painted this with toothpaste!


We had a few hours to paint on a surfboard. Bucket list item – checked


It’s Disney – we had to make a wardrobe! with a little Happy Garaje flavor of course. This is in the garage where we built most of the props that were assigned to us.

disney stop mo
Stop-motion sequence: moving fruit loops 1cm at a time.

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