Speaking and Writing

Happy Garaje speaks about creativity, maker culture, and about being artists and designers from the island of Cebu, Philippines.

Upcoming talks & exhibitions:

  • Speaking: Slingshot Conference Bohol
    Tagbilaran City, Philippines
    November 19, 2019
  • Speaking: Live by Design
    Escolta Block Festival, Manila, Philippines
    November 30, 2019

Past talks & exhibitions

  • “This Talk is not for Everyone”
    State of the Art Talks, Mandaue City, Philippines
  • “Cebu Maker Culture”
    Slingshot Conference, Cebu City, Philippines,  2019
  • “This Talk is not for Everyone”
    Tropical Futures Forum, Cebu City, Philippines, 2019
  • “Communication Design for Government Agencies”
    National Anti Poverty Commission Workshop, Baguio City, Philippines 2019
  • “Food Packaging”
    Food Packaging and Innovation Forum by DTI and the Board of Investments, Cebu, Philippines, 2018
  • “Product Packaging”
    Philippine Seaweed Congress, Cebu, Philippines 2018
  • “How Creativity helps Businesses”
    Create Philippines Conference, Manila, Philippines 2018
  • “Creativity in Business” Panel Discussion
    SparkFest Cebu 2018.
  • “A studio from Cebu City”
    Behance Talks, Cebu City, Philippines, 2015
  • “Artisans of Bali”
    Pecha Kucha Night, Cebu City, Philippines, 2014
  • “Design and Literature”
    Cebu Literary Festival, Cebu City, Philippines, 2013
  • “The Creative Process”
    Visual Design Conference, Cebu City, Philippines, 2011.