Titay’s 105 Years

We made a series of illustrations to commemorate the 105th anniversary of Titay’s. A biscuit and pastry maker from Cebu, Philippines. The brief for the illustration work was to create images for significant inventions that were made during the early 1900s – the same time the Rosquillos, Titay’s signature biscuit, was first baked.

Drawings were done by Mark Joseph Deutsch and Ryan Anin. All illustrations were colored by Johanna Velasco.

1900_Escalator_NoRosquillos_small 1901_Radio_NoRosquillos_small 1902_Aircon_NoRosquillos_small 1903_WrightBrothers_NoRosquillos_small 1904_Subway_NoRosquillos_small 1905 1906 1907_Camera_NotIncludedinFinal 1908_Ford_NoRosquillos_small 1909

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