Happy Garaje
are artists and award-winning designers
from the island of Cebu, Philippines.

Happy Garaje is inspired by the islands and the world around it,
by everyday people: fears, hopes and the things that we love.


Stories Everywhere: a selection of recent and favorite work.

Happy Garaje for Uniqlo

“Exploring islands across the seas, our waters become starry threads that connect us. We travel to places that are unfamiliar and turn strangers into friends. We revisit the familiar to see these places in a new light. To travel is to discover what makes us unique and alike, igniting a spark of imagination.” – Dang Sering

Happy Garaje for Pixar & Disney Asia

Production design work for Pixar and Disney Asia, which included production design for 6 episodes of Art Attack and a music video to promote the Oscar-winning film Coco.


A series of sculptures called airplanes, dedicated to the spirit of play and friendship.

Toy Portraits

Hand-carved, hand-painted toy versions of yourself.

& Gallery Work

& Publishing